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Win A Derma-planing Treatment

25 Days of Celebration for 25 years

Derma-planing treatment valued at $125

In partnership with:

The Beauty Lounge

Up For Grabs


Free derma-planing treatment with holly from the beauty lounge valued at $125

Derma-planing removes vellus hair ( peach fuzz), and the top dead layer of skin revealing fresh, glowing and a brighter complexion.

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The Beauty Lounge

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My name is Holly! I’ve had the beauty lounge for 11 years. And a practicing esthetician for 21.


I love my profession, everything about it. Love making women feel beautiful from head to toe. I specialize in skin care but also do pedicures, hair removal and lash and brown tinting. Many of my clients have been loyal to me for over 20 years now. Although i have always been open and available for new clients as well.

Connect with your host

“Hi! I’m Tanya Sedore. I’m a grateful mother to two beautiful children, a partner to a thoughtful and loving human being, and the owner of a thriving business for the past 25 years!


I chose this path because I had a strong interest in creating a photograph. I was 12 years old when I got my first camera after asking my parents for one for Christmas in 1984. Since that time, the way we create an image has changed immensely.  I would’ve never guessed that I would end up spending so much of my time on a computer. I’m continuously learning and adapting to this ever changing industry.


I attribute the success of my business to my wonderful clients who have continued to support me throughout the years.  Without this community I would not have been able to work in this industry that I love for the past 25 years!”

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