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Make Graduation Day a Breeze!

in-studio grad focus sessions allow you to get in and get out with affordable, high quality images so you can stress less about "getting the shot" on graduation day.


we'll capture your grad portraits in up to 30 minutes for you to enjoy for years to come!

For when your iPhone snaps printed at the Kodak kiosk just aren't frame worthy

There are a million reasons to hold yourself back from booking a grad focus session, it might be..

  • Session cost (fortunately grad focus sessions allow you to get amazing photos for a fraction of the cost)

  • You're already going to be photographed on your graduation day 

but here's the good news - we're taking care of capturing professional portraits that you, your parents, grandparents and other important people in your life will cherish forever.

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top quality studio images


a perfect 8x10' print fit for your mantle


private appointment

we believe

You deserve professional quality images that capture this milestone moment

Not to exceed 4X6 in sz 0413_T.Sedore Photography 2022 (1).jpg

You're in good hands at our award-winning studio that's been serving Grande Prairie since     


as a busy mom & entrepreneur, I know money, time and insecurities can prevent us from booking important photo sessions.

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Captured today

cherished for life

Your session will help you deck your walls, wow your parents and knock Grandma's socks off when she opens the mail or however else you'll enjoy these forever memories!


There's nothing cheap about your grad focus Session experience. From booking to prints we're here to help you make beautiful memories and that starts with putting you at ease!


Snag a smaller session with a smaller price tag without compromising comfort.


Enjoy your private appointment at our centrally located commercial studio location because we know graduation day can be hectic.

Secure your fancy pants portraits in     easy steps


You'll receive:

  • Private appointment

  • 1 8x10' Print of your choice

  • 1 5x7' print

  • 1 Digital

Not to exceed 4X6 in sz 0069_T.Sedore Photography 2022 (1).jpg
Book Now Expressions

Book now!

Welcome! Please book your Expressions Session here. Upon booking you'll receive communication from us that...


  1. Confirms your session date and time

  2. Informs you about what to expect at your session


Have questions or concerns? Don't see a time that works for you? Want to pay a different way? Give us a call at 780-978-7875 or send us an email at

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