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Win a Tank top - Hoodie - Leggings

25 Days of Celebration for 25 years

Smoothies tank top, leggings, capris and sweatpants

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Smoothies Tank Tops

Up For Grabs

Smoothies tank top, leggings, capris and sweatpants

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Smoothies Tank Tops

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Designed and manufactured in Canada, we specialize in wanting all women to be confident in who they are and what they wear.


Our tanks are the best selling tank tops across North America because they never ride up!
We are sustainable, comfy, versatile and stylish!

Everyday wear for every woman

Connect with your host

“Hi! I’m Tanya Sedore. I’m a grateful mother to two beautiful children, a partner to a thoughtful and loving human being, and the owner of a thriving business for the past 25 years!


I chose this path because I had a strong interest in creating a photograph. I was 12 years old when I got my first camera after asking my parents for one for Christmas in 1984. Since that time, the way we create an image has changed immensely.  I would’ve never guessed that I would end up spending so much of my time on a computer. I’m continuously learning and adapting to this ever changing industry.


I attribute the success of my business to my wonderful clients who have continued to support me throughout the years.  Without this community I would not have been able to work in this industry that I love for the past 25 years!”

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